Monday, October 24, 2011

Diet vs statins

Dietary changes may lower cholesterol better than statins.
On its website, ABC News /Good Morning America (10/24, Main) reports that dietary changes may "do a better job" than taking statins to lower cholesterol. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers "followed 345 people with high cholesterol who were placed on one of two vegetarian, low-cholesterol diets for six months." Those in the "low-saturated-fat diet...were told simply to eat low-fat dairy and get more fruits and vegetables into their meals." The second group incorporated "specific cholesterol-lowering foods into their meals," such as "soy proteins, nuts, oats, peas, and beans. That group saw a drop in cholesterol three times higher than the group on the regular low-saturated-fat diet, and both diets proved to be at least as successful as early trials of statins."

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Statins and intracerebral bleeds

Review, meta analysis find little to no risk of intracerebral hemorrhage from statins.
MedPage Today (10/22, Neale) reported, "Statins do not appear to be associated with an increased risk of intracerebral hemorrhage, a systematic review and meta-analysis showed." The study was conducted by "Daniel Hackam, MD, PhD, of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario" and reported online in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. The paper found that "if statin therapy does carry a risk of intracerebral hemorrhage, 'its absolute magnitude is likely to be small and outweighed by the other cardiovascular benefits of these drugs.'"

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