Friday, October 5, 2012

Report: Cancer Now Leading Cause Of Death Among US Hispanics.

The Los Angeles Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18, Muskal) "Nation Now" blog reports, "Cancer is now the leading cause of death among Hispanics in the United States, surpassing deaths due to heart disease, researchers reported Monday." This "development is expected to eventually be seen in society overall." Investigators looked at "data from the National Cancer Institute, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the North American Assn. of Central Cancer Registries and the National Center for Health Statistics."
        The USA Today Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18, Winter) "On Deadline" blog reports, "the researchers report that 29,935 Hispanics died of cancer in 2009 and 29,611 from heart disease." The findings are published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.
        The Houston Chronicle Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18) reports, "Previously, heart disease had long been the leading cause of death for US Hispanics."
        The AP Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18, Stobbe) quotes the CDC's Robert Anderson as saying, "We've been so focused on heart disease mortality for so long. ... This may change the way people look at their risk."
        CNN Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18, Brawley) reports, "Overall cancer incidence and mortality rates are lower in Hispanics than in the non-Hispanic US population, meaning Hispanics have a lower risk of cancer diagnosis and death." However, "Hispanics do have higher diagnosis and death rates from cancers of the stomach, liver, cervix and gallbladder."
        Fox News Latino Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18, Sangha) reports, "Childhood cancer was more prevalent in the Hispanic population than the general US population. In 2012, about two percent of the cancer cases in the total Hispanic population will come from children age 14 and younger." However, "for the US population, those cases will make up less than one percent."
        HealthDay Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18, Mann) reports, "For most cancer sites, Hispanics are diagnosed at an advanced stage of disease more often than non-Hispanic whites, the report found." Reuters Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/18, Steenhuysen) also covers the story.

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