Friday, April 11, 2014

Hemodialysis Catheter Design Does Not Affect Risks for Thrombosis and Infection

Among 302 hemodialysis patients who required a tunneled cuffed catheter for vascular access, primary assisted patency and incidence of infection and thrombosis were similar for both the Palindrome Symmetric Tip Dialysis Catheter and the HemoStar Long-Term Hemodialysis Catheter. The Palindrome catheter group had a higher number of catheters that never required thrombolysis (58% and 45%) and achieved higher blood flow rates than the HemoStar catheter (333 mL/min and 304mL/min). TheAmerican Journal of Kidney Diseases findings suggest that mechanical catheter design may improve catheter flow but does not affect risks for thrombosis and infection and therefore catheter survival.

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